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Dnd is an Italian excellence, a Made in Italy company specializing in the production of handles for doors and windows.

As an absolute leader in the industry for over 50 years, Dnd by Martinelli enhances the Italian industry worldwide and is currently a point of reference in terms of quality and design for the entire handles sector.

All Dnd handles stand out for their unique and refined design and are distinguished by being made with high-quality materials, ensuring optimal performance over time for every user. Let's discover the history of the Dnd brand and its products to better understand its quality.

DND Handles: Quality design merging with innovation and tradition.

A history spanning over 50 years that is worth telling. The Brescia-based company Dnd, currently an international leader among manufacturers of interior door handles, was founded in 1968 thanks to the intuition and entrepreneurial spirit of Angelo Martinelli, who established Fmm Martinelli, a well-known brand in the sector and the foundation for the birth of Dnd Martinelli.

Over the years, production demands closely tied to great success have led the company to expand its facilities while maintaining consistently high production and quality standards. Today, Dnd is undoubtedly one of the most renowned and well-structured companies in the industry. It specializes in the processing and finishing of materials for handle production, including brass, as well as aluminum and zamak.

Dnd Martinelli Door Handles maintains its roots and is still a family-owned Italian company, increasingly attentive to quality and design. Numerous collaborations with valued designers, architects, and planners contribute to the design and development of their products. Owning Dnd handles means choosing excellent quality that ensures optimal performance over time. Moreover, they represent not only functional objects but also true design pieces with unique, modern, and never banal forms.

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Dnd is the Italian design of handles in the world.

Collaborations with prominent designers and planners are one of the strengths of the Dnd brand by Martinelli. The appreciation for Italian style is confirmed by numerous achievements that have led the Brescia brand to participate in the interior design of significant structures worldwide.

Think of "Dollar Bay" in London, an imposing structure that features Dnd Luxury handles designed by Mauro Ronchi, or the historic Marseilles Docks in France, enriched by the (IN)finito handles designed by Alfonso Femia.​

In 2012, the company was also a protagonist in the opening of the Casa Enzo Ferrari museum, one of the most anticipated events of the year. On this occasion, Dnd received a place of honor as the company behind the Intake handle, designed by architect Andrea Morgante. Studied and conceived to be in harmony with all the architectural elements of the building, the Dnd Intake handle boasts the use of cutting-edge materials and technologies.

Dnd Handles Catalog: A wide range of excellent quality.

The Dnd handles catalog offers a vast selection of handles to meet the preferences of every user. If you are looking for Dnd handles online, you are in the right place; on our website, you will find numerous models. The Dnd by Martinelli handles catalog includes handles with a classic design, perfect for those seeking versatility, and handles with a modern design to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

For those looking for trendy handles with innovative finishes, Dnd has the perfect proposal: handles with the Forte® finish, applied to materials like brass. This special finish is achieved through the Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) coating technology, which guarantees excellent chemical and technical characteristics, high hardness, and resistance to abrasion, corrosion, and scratches.

For over fifty years, Dnd by Martinelli has been a reference point for the production of handles. High quality and careful research into trends and original forms make Dnd handles versatile and suitable for any environment, ensuring the best performance over time.

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