Zen Handle with Plate for Indoor Doors Linea Calì

Zen Handle with Plate for Indoor Doors Linea Calì


Zen Handle with Plate for Indoor Doors Linea Calì

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Zen Handle with Plate for Indoor Doors Linea Calì

Zen Handle with Plate with a simple and contemporary design.

The Zen collection is characterized by modern and linear shapes, the basis for the style concept of this collection.

Material: Brass, Finishes: CR, CS, OL, Style: Contemporary, Guarantee: 10 years.

Cod: 1153 PL 0C  (patent hole)

Cod: 1153 PL 0Y (yale hole)

Cod: 1153 PW (Pawl)




Handles Linea Cali

Choosing a Linea Cali handle means choosing excellence, knowing that you are furnishing your home with a unique and precious object. All Cali products are the result of Italy's magnificent creativity, capable of turning a handle into an essential furnishing accessory for your space. The Linea Cali handle line undergoes rigorous processes with extremely high-quality standards, so much so that it is patented and marked with the Patented Design logo, a patent issued by WIPO, which stands for the World Intellectual Property Organization. WIPO, as an international body, is responsible for monitoring and promoting intellectual property protection worldwide.

The secret lies in the combination of Made in Italy creativity and innovation. Linea Cali, in fact, also carries out a specific chrome plating process, which involves the uniform application of a layer up to 5 times thicker than standard chrome plating. All of this allows Cali handles to remain shiny for a long time, without losing their original and precious initial brightness, and of course, to last much longer than a normal brass handle.

Cali line - A Wide Catalog for Every Need

Cali produces handles of the highest quality that are 100% Italian. What does this mean? It means that everything is carried out in Italy, from the concept and design phase to production and market placement. This has allowed Linea Cali to create a truly extensive catalog of products, with many collections to fulfill any desire and meet every specific customer need.

Among the most popular and appreciated collections is undoubtedly the Linea Cali Swarovski line, born from a partnership with the Austrian brand. This collection of handles is simply enchanting. When you look at Cali Swarovski handles, it's easy to get lost in their beauty; they seem like handles straight out of fairy tales, precious and elegant. For those who want to add a touch of opulence to their environment, these handles are perfect, thanks to the play of light created by Swarovski crystals. The facets of the stones give magnificent and luminous reflections, giving the space a unique appearance.

Handles door Linea Calì

If you were looking for new handles for your home, Linea Cali is the ideal solution for you. Quality guaranteed by over 30 years of experience, a product entirely Made in Italy, 100% guaranteed, and a wide range to meet any need. We at Alfa Ferramenta are authorized Linea Cali retailers, which allows us to offer the entire Cali handle catalog at very advantageous prices.

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