Inner Door Handles

An accessory of fundamental importance to complete the furnishing of your home! In this section, you will find a wide range of internal door handles, perfect for meeting any need. Different shapes and materials, over 1000 solutions for doors, window handles, and fixtures. You can furnish your home with style and taste by matching the internal door handles to your fixtures that you prefer the most.

Door handles represent a fully-fledged furnishing complement. Depending on how you have furnished your home, it will be necessary to use, for internal doors, handles with different styles and materials. A stainless steel door handle will certainly be more suitable for one environment than another, just as if you choose a plastic handle, it definitely won't be suitable for a house with classic-style furnishings.

Classic-style internal door handles

If your house has been furnished with antique or vintage furniture, the ideal would be to complete the fixtures of the rooms with classic internal door handles, with sinuous lines and brass and bronze finishes. Or do you already have a house with important antique wooden doors and want to renew the handles? In this case, an internal door handle with a round rosette with a classic design and an elegant shape would be perfect. It is really important to match the right internal door handle to the furnishings of the house, but it is equally important to carefully consider the material with which the door is made. Wooden doors can have different shades depending on the material used, often very dark wood goes better with light handles, while a classic door with lighter tones might require brass handles.

Modern-style internal door handles

If you have opted for a modern and minimal style, it is very likely that you should choose modern internal door handles. Linear with captivating designs, in this section, you will find them in every shape and style. Depending on the furnishings of your home, you may need shiny steel handles or perhaps satin steel handles. Even for modern-style internal door handles, the same applies as for classic and rustic furnishings, i.e., you should not underestimate the material with which the door is made. It is not just about the color but also about a style combination, which if wrong, could make a room look less harmonious. Internal door handles in modern style can have square rosettes, round ones, rhombus-shaped ones, and very particular finishes, such as handles with glass crystals, which give brightness and luxury to the environment.

So when we decide on the furnishings of a house or a particular room, it is important to carefully consider the choice of internal door handles. On our website, you will find various solutions that can surely adapt to the style of your home. We are authorized retailers of major brands such as: Hoppe, Olivari, Simonswerk, Colombo Design, and many other top brands, specializing in internal door handles.

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