Siliconical sealants

Siliconian sealants for Locks of the Best Brands

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Uses and Tips for Silicone Sealants

Silicone sealants are polymers commonly used in both industrial and domestic sectors.

They are distinguished into acetic and neutral sealants: the former are recognizable for their pungent odor due to the release of acetic acid during polymerization, while the latter are odorless as they are composed of oximes or alcohols.

Another differentiation is between low modulus and high modulus. Low modulus silicone, with elasticity below < 4 N/mm², allows for greater elongation and is widely used, for example, for sealing windows. High modulus silicones, with elasticity above > 4 N/mm², allow for less elongation and are therefore less suitable for substrates with greater expansion.

Neutral and acetic silicones are generally difficult to paint and therefore are available in many colors to suit different aesthetic needs.

For humid environments such as bathrooms, showers, and pools, there are mold-resistant silicones formulated with specific agents that slow down mold formation.

Acrylic silicones, usually white or gray in color, are water-based and suitable for sealing between porous materials such as masonry, concrete, and precast. Once polymerized, they can be easily painted, unlike other silicones. They are not recommended for use in water stagnation areas and on metal surfaces.

Silicones are extremely versatile and can be applied with manual, automatic, pneumatic, or battery-powered silicone guns, both in 290 ml cartridges and 600 ml bags for sealing, and in some cases, even for bonding due to their excellent adhesion, although this is not their primary use.

Silicones are not recommended in industrial environments where painting operations, both powder and liquid, are carried out, as silicone particles are extremely volatile and can compromise the quality of the paintwork. In these cases, the use of specific MS sealants for bodywork and painting is recommended.

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