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What are Sealant Silicones and How to Use Them?

Sealant silicones are one of the most widely used and recognized types of adhesives on the market, used for a wide range of applications. These products have been on the market for many years and have become essential in both industrial/professional and domestic settings.

Despite their widespread utility, the family of sealant silicones does not always receive the technological recognition it deserves and is often underestimated. On the market, there are various types of silicones to meet different application needs, from high-quality professional solutions to more economical but lower-quality options.

The wide range available, including acetic, neutral, high and low modulus silicones, has made the choice of the most suitable product increasingly difficult. However, all sealant silicones share a common goal: to provide a solid seal for joints, as well as the ability to bond surfaces.

In conclusion, sealant silicones are an ideal choice when it is necessary not only to bond but also to seal joints.

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