Purchase procedure

Whenever the Private Customer makes an order through the procedure provided on the www.alfaferramentashop.it site, and that order is accepted even partially, he accepts and enters into a sales agreement with Alfa Ferramenta SRL valid for all effects, so the conditions below apply.

The products that can be purchased are only those listed on the website www.alfaferramentashop.it , and the prices shown on each product include VAT.

Alfa Ferramenta SRL reserves the right to change these prices without notice.

Each product card also shows the date by which the customer will receive the goods.

The order, once forwarded by the Customer, is confirmed to him by email immediately after the request and its registration.

The date, customer data and order number are indicated in the order confirmation email; it will be the customer's care to check the correctness of the order data and communicate in a timely manner to the Customer Service any errors and/or changes.

Orders that arrive before 2:30 p.m., for the goods available immediately, will be processed within 2 business days after the order is registered.

Orders that arrive after 2:30 p.m., for the goods available immediately will be fulfilled within 2 business days starting from the day after the order registration date. 

For goods not immediately available, Customer Service will confirm the order within 24 hours by disclosing the expected delivery times, where they are not listed within the product sheet.

Any special requests can be reported by email.

If an order is not accepted, www.alfaferramentashop.it does not liable for direct or indirect damages resulting from non-acceptance, and therefore owes no compensation to the Customer.

If the order is rejected, the Customer will be immediately notified of the non-acceptance.

Payment method: We refer to the appropriate Page.

The order is processed and processed for all products that on the site www.alfaferramenta.it are declared as "available".

In the event that there were delays in updating the stock availability of the products on the site and the Customer had ordered one or more products that were then not available immediately to be shipped, the customer will be asked by the customer Customer Service to define modes and delivery times.

Shipping Mode: We refer to the appropriate Page.

Important notes: Alfa Ferramenta SRL denies any responsibility for any allergic reactions or problems arising from the use of products sold on www.alfaferramentashop.it.

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