Armored Doors

Features of Dierre Armored Doors

Safety is paramount, and Dierre armored doors represent the defensive stronghold and the calling card of your home. Discover all their features by exploring the entire collection!

Dierre doors encompass all the features of anti-burglary security at an affordable price, using high-quality raw materials. Frames, handles, glass, and other accessories can be customized, transforming a standard armored door into a unique piece of furniture and design. All at an accessible price, considering the installation of high-class anti-burglary systems even on more economical models.

Anti-Burglary Security

Dierre armored doors comply with UNI EN 1627 standards for anti-burglary security. There are six classes of anti-burglary security:

  • Class 1: resistant to break-in attempts with physical force only;
  • Class 2: resistant to break-in attempts with simple tools (pliers, screwdrivers, etc.);
  • Class 3: resistant to break-in attempts with more robust tools (crowbars);
  • Class 4: resistant to break-in attempts with mechanical tools (axes, saws, portable drills, chisels);
  • Class 5: resistant to break-in attempts with powerful tools (sabre saws);
  • Class 6: resistant to break-in attempts with high-power tools.

Robust Locks

All Dierre armored doors are equipped with European cylinder locks that provide protection against external tearing attempts. They feature an anti-drill plate to ensure maximum protection against all break-in tools. You can choose to install Lock Trap System double-map security locks on all models of armored doors.

Unique Design

Dierre armored doors meet the demands of Italian design and style. They offer a wide range of colors, materials, and designs, from minimalist to more elaborate, including wood paneling of various essences (walnut, tanganyika, oak, etc.) and anti-breakage glass. You can customize the paneling with your preferred wood essence or other materials and choose from various internal and external handles and levels of thermal and acoustic insulation.

Measurements of Armored Doors

All armored doors are available in standard or custom sizes. Standard models are available in heights of 2100 mm x widths of 800 / 850 / 900 mm. Upon request, doors can be custom-made, subject to a site survey.


Contact us for an online quote, specifying the model, dimensions, and desired anti-burglary class. Alternatively, tell us your needs, and we will help you find the ideal solution, providing information on the prices of armored doors.

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