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Wood Adhesives: Best Adhesives for Your Carpentry Projects

Discover the best wood adhesives to execute your carpentry projects with precision and reliability. Find adhesive solutions that ensure strong bonding and long-lasting durability to guarantee excellent results in every woodworking task.


Are you thinking of doing a DIY project or are you a professional carpenter? In both cases, you need a wood glue. The right wood glue!

Let's start from here:

Vinil is a universal vinyl glue ready to use for bonding all types of wood, paper, and cardboard. After drying, it becomes semi-transparent.

Quick D2 wood glue is a PVA-based (vinyl) adhesive ready to use and super-fast. It can be used for bonding wood, paper, cardboard, chipboard, and veneer. But also for gluing softwood boards. After drying, it is transparent.

Vinyl wood glue D3 is a ready-to-use PVA-based wood adhesive, with rapid hardening and water resistance (D3 class). This glue is suitable for indoor applications exposed to high humidity. With this glue, you can bond wood, paper, cardboard, chipboard, veneer, and softwood boards. After drying, it becomes a transparent glue.

Wood glue D4 is an adhesive of another category, for professionals like carpenters or joiners. This product is polyurethane-based, ready to use with excellent water resistance (D4 class). Recommended for carpentry work, it is suitable for indoor applications exposed to high humidity and outdoor applications exposed directly to atmospheric agents and stagnant water. With this product, excellent results are obtained in gluing windows and door frames (including corner joints) that must meet class D4 according to EN204.

HB Construct D4 is the best D4 wood glue, it is a high-strength mounting glue based on hybrid polymer. This technology makes it waterproof (class D4), non-foaming, heat-resistant, free of isocyanate, and dries immediately. It is an ideal product for mounting and assembling wood and wood together with other materials. It is not suitable for PE, PP, PTFE, and bitumen. At least one of the surfaces must be porous. It can be considered specific for connections where a glue joint remains visible.

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