Safes for home, office, hotel security from the best brands.

Protect your belongings with safes from the top brands Mottura and Technomax, ideal for home, office, and hotel security. With reliable and high-quality solutions, these safes offer robust protection for your valuable items. Choose from a variety of sizes and features to find the perfect safe for your security needs. With Mottura and Technomax, rest easy knowing that your belongings are safe.

Some tips for making the best choice

Even though they may all seem similar and suitable for their purpose, it's important to pay attention; there are several factors to consider when choosing safes and security boxes.

In addition to the aesthetic aspect (which could be negligible, especially for "hidden" models), there are some technical features to consider:

  • Type: Basically, there are three types of safes: built-in safes, which are mounted in a specially prepared space in the wall or floor; mobile safes, which can be placed inside closets, drawers, or specific compartments of furniture; and portable safes, which are smaller security boxes that can be transported (for example, those used in armored vans).
  • Opening mechanism: The safe's opening mechanism should be simple and immediate for the user. The type of opening should be chosen based on your habits and how often you'll use it. There are safes with combination locks, which can be mechanical or electronic; key-operated safes, with one or more locks, visible or hidden. Finally, there are biometric opening models (fingerprint or retina scan), but these are usually reserved for banks or security institutions.
  • Capacity: Capacity is primarily calculated based on the height, width, and, above all, depth. It can vary greatly depending on the type of content expected: objects, money, or documents, which generally take up less space.
  • Shelves: Internal space division can help keep valuable items organized, especially if they are of different types and nature. Some models also feature hidden compartments, drawers, and movable shelves to adapt the safe's capacity to your needs.
  • Materials: It is essential that the materials of the safe are of high quality to ensure solidity, resistance, and maximum security. Check the brand and the supplier, which are often a guarantee of superior quality.
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