Adhesive sealants

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Adhesives and sealants in construction are valuable allies; indeed, they can make a difference in terms of energy efficiency and performance as they help prevent water and moisture infiltration, ensuring good performance in every area of the house. When it comes to choosing which sealant to buy, it is necessary to gather information about the type of joint that will be intervened on: geometries and materials make the difference. Adhesives, when glue makes the difference When it comes to sealants, it is also good to mention adhesives, i.e., adhesive products that are often used in combination with sealants to combine two functions: adhesion between elements and their complete sealing. When it comes to adhesives, it is important to clarify two characteristics of adhesives:

  • Adhesion strength: the force with which the glue remains attached to the material;
  • Cohesion strength: the force with which the glue remains bound to itself.

From reading these two elements, we will be able to understand the structural scope of the product and its relative viscosity and adhesion. There are no perfect adhesives that adhere optimally to all surfaces, but depending on the materials, we can find adhesives suitable for individual cases.

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