PosaClima - Window and Door Installation Solutions for Installers

With PosaClima products, window and door installers can rely on reliable and high-quality solutions to ensure flawless installations. Our range of products includes specialized materials and tools designed to meet the specific needs of professional installers. From sealing gaskets to mounting brackets, we offer everything you need to successfully complete every installation project. Trust PosaClima to obtain reliable products.

PosaClima: Solutions for Installing High-Efficiency Energy Windows

PosaClima successfully tackles a common challenge in the industry. Professionals in window installation know that even the best window, with excellent technical specifications, cannot achieve promised performance on paper without correct installation.

The correct installation of windows requires two fundamental conditions:

  1. An experienced and competent window installer (see training for window installers).
  2. The use of a system of certified products to ensure desired performance.

Today, we can assert that PosaClima, the leading Italian system for installing high-efficiency energy windows, has met at least one of these requirements, leaving the rest to the installer's know-how.

The Benefits of PosaClima in Window Installation

The company PosaClima, founded in 2010 as an initiative of Straudi S.p.A. in collaboration with several Italian and European partners, has developed an installation system for windows that ensures critical connection points between windows and walls:

High thermal and acoustic efficiency.

Versatility to adapt to the needs of the construction site.

Guaranteed durability over time.

Affordable cost, allowing installers to use the PosaClima system in any building context.

PosaClima develops and tests installation solutions for external windows in the most prestigious international laboratories, selecting the best products available on the European market.

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