Silicone Guns and Posaclima Accessories

Silicone Guns and Posaclima Accessories: Quality Tools for Sealant Application

Discover our range of silicone guns and Posaclima accessories, designed to provide reliable performance and facilitate the application of sealants and insulation materials. Choose quality and effectiveness for your construction installation projects with our specialized tools and accessories.


A versatile professional gun, suitable for cartridges of 280-310 ml or 400 ml aluminum bags. Made with lightweight alloy and ergonomic grip, it offers a patented wear compensation mechanism for precise impulse action.


An air pneumatic wedge ideal for mounting counter frames, armored doors, or windows. It lifts up to 100 kg and is suitable for adjusting the position of the frame thanks to the volumetric variation determined with the pump.


A spatula designed to perfect the sealing bead of window frames, made with a very malleable silicone-repellent material. It is ideal for shaping and smoothing the sealant in a single operation.


A smoothing liquid specially formulated to facilitate the modeling of sealing beads and allow the removal of excess material. It prevents damage to the support and does not leave stains on painted surfaces or glass.

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