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Why Door Closers are Essential: Benefits and Utility

Door closers, increasingly integrated into the architecture of fire-rated doors, offer numerous fundamental advantages that go beyond simply providing quiet door closures. This accessory not only enhances aesthetics and comfort but also plays a crucial role in the safety of environments.

Comfortable and Silent Movement: In addition to reducing noise during closure, door closers ensure smooth and silent door movement, significantly improving the user experience.

Safety in Emergency Situations: In emergencies, such as fires, door closers, along with fire-rated doors, create an effective barrier against fire, keeping doors closed and preventing the spread of flames inside.

Safety for Heavy Doors: Door closers are essential for large fire doors, which can weigh over 120 kg. Without a door closer, these doors could pose a serious danger, but with the device, movement is controlled and safe.

Reliable Operation: Primoss door closers use a hydraulic damper to ensure reliable operation even in the absence of power. Their geometry and mechanism ensure optimal movement comfort and perfect calibration of door force.

Adaptability and Technical Consultation: The Primoss door closer line offers solutions tailored to the specific needs of modern architecture, from standardization to advanced mechanisms. Technical support is always available to provide advice and suggest the most suitable solution.

In summary, the door closer is an essential component for fire-rated doors, offering comfort, safety, and reliability in every situation, and the Primoss line ensures excellence in terms of performance and adaptability to diverse architectural needs.

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