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AGB - Alban Giacomo Spa is an Italian company that is a world leader in the hardware and locks industry for doors, windows, and blinds.

Founded in 1947, AGB provides the best solutions for the handling and locking of internal and external fixtures. AGB's extensive product range (more than 20,000 listed items) consists of high-quality articles designed to stand the test of time.

Since 2005, AGB has expanded internationally by opening branches in Spain, Serbia, Bulgaria, and China. Today, AGB boasts four production facilities and more than 20,000 listed products. The AGB catalog is one of the most comprehensive in the industry, with over 500 new products introduced each year and distributed in over 110 countries worldwide.

AGB Windows: 100% Made in Italy

The Venetian company of Giacomo Alban is synonymous with quality worldwide; AGB windows are among the most requested and widely used products by industry professionals. The secret that has made AGB spa a leader in the industry is its renewed ability to combine three fundamental components for this market, three essential elements if you want to stand out and provide value to those who purchase our products.

We're talking about the great ability to merge, an extraordinary drive for innovation, 60 years of experience and tradition, and continuous training for a healthy and productive professional environment.

An AGB handle is all of this put together; it's the result of these three components coming together and forming the material. On one side, the professionalism of the staff, always well-trained and working in a healthy and pleasant environment that increases productivity; on the other hand, investments in innovative technologies to reduce production times, improve safety and the quality of the final product, and finally, the strength of 60 years of experience in the industry that allows you to know it so well that you can anticipate trends and meet customer needs.

An encounter between the past and the future, where tradition enhances the work done by highly trained professionals and highly technological innovative machinery.

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AGB Hardware: The Widest Catalog in Europe

With over 20,000 listed products, supplemented by an average of 500 new products launched each year, AGB Hardware's catalog ranks among the richest and most diverse in the European sector.

Among these, you can find:

AGB Locks and Cylinders for Every Need

In our catalog and on our website, you will find a wide range of locks for interior and exterior doors. All AGB locks are designed to withstand the test of time and are made from high-quality materials. Rigorous testing and quality control allow the Venetian company to export to more than 110 countries worldwide. AGB's lock catalog includes products suitable for every requirement: interior doors, entrance doors, sliding doors.

Hinges and Latches AGB, the Standard of Excellence

AGB hinges are one of the most widely used and trusted products among industry professionals. Anyone working with fixtures and fittings knows the undisputed quality of these products. Although they are among the concealed components of hardware, hinges and latches are essential for the entire fixture's structure. Having high-quality hinges means having a fixture that lasts over time. This is something AGB understands very well, and that's why the company offers numerous hinge models for every type of fixture.

Hardware for Windows and Sliding Systems

AGB Italia Srl offers a wide range of hardware for windows. Production covers all construction types, including wood, aluminum and wood, PVC, as well as all the most common closures. In particular, it's worth noting the AGB Imago project, an innovative solution with an exclusive design. AGB Imago revolutionizes the wood sliding window system by redefining it as the perfect solution for architectural projects requiring brightness and an extraordinary view from inside to outside.

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