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Antipanic is now one of the main players in the panic exit device industry.

For over 30 years, Antipanic has established itself as a leading company in the production and marketing of panic exit devices. The company was founded in Bologna, and since then, it has dedicated its activities to researching innovative security solutions.

Throughout these years, Antipanic has developed its technology to offer excellent quality products that meet the needs of any customer. The Bolognese company consistently works to improve its technologies, always ready to face the challenges that arise every day.

"Panic exit devices" are security devices installed on emergency doors in public or commercial buildings. These devices are designed to allow people to easily open a door in case of an emergency, such as a fire or another danger, without the need for a key. They are often referred to as "panic bars" or "emergency bars."

Antipanic: Panic Exit Devices 100% Made in Italy

Antipanic is a brand that embodies the excellence of Italian tradition. The company's goal is to provide high-quality, durable, and certified design products, entirely made in Italy by a highly competent team of technicians.

The Emiliano brand is continuously committed to research and development of new solutions to meet the needs and requirements of any end customer.

Each project becomes an opportunity to express creativity and innovation in an environment of listening and collaboration where flexibility and quality go hand in hand.

Over the years, Antipanic has consistently supported and promoted the excellence of the "Made in Italy" label, with the aim of contributing to its growth and international dissemination.

Bars Antipanic Panic Exit Devices: Excellence, Innovation, and Development

Antipanic has gained profound and extraordinary experience in the field of panic exit devices, creating a synergy between enthusiasm for innovation on one hand and valuable collaborations on the other.

Today, they design cutting-edge products, subsequently manufactured and assembled by highly skilled technicians. Panic exit devices are designed and crafted by highly qualified professionals with the aim of providing superior quality and durable products to meet our customers' needs.

The "Culture of Excellence" allows us to keep the legacy of "Made in Italy" alive and export the excellence of our tradition worldwide.

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