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Meroni Locks, founded in 1945 by Julius Andrea Meroni, is one of the most Famous Italian and international companies in the field of Locks and the locking systems, Mechanical And Electronic.

His story was born in Lissone in 1945 when Julius Andrea Meroni founds a small workshop cabinet locks.

Following a trip to North Africa, he also became a leader in the Egyptian market.

At that moment the logo that still characterizes them today was born: the elephant. 

In 1954, dexter Inc ratified an agreement for the development and marketing of new products for the European market.

After years of expansion in the world of furniture, Meroni patents the innovative mechanism PremiOpen and toss the Nova door knob. 

In the meantime, the company also expands to Spain, where the Spanish headquarters is founded in Valencia.

In 2002, the line was introduced Guardian, a large collection of aircraft close-door and retractable.

In 2010 Meroni launched first in Italy the super lock designed exclusively for the safety of light commercial vehicles.

Then comes the lock for vans UFO, the lock with automatic locking that secures vans and light commercial vehicles, with a flat and reversible key.

Meroni locks continues today its path marked by a production of high technical quality. 

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