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Krona Koblenz, was born in 1984 in Coriano di Rimini.

The company has introduced aluminium sliding door solutions housing.

Also renowned for Solutions unique for pswinging orthos, counter-fences for plaster and plasterboard.

In 1984 Koblenz was born offering a catalogue with multiple innovative sliding solutions and a wide range of retractable and adjustable hinges for swing doors, such as the famous KUBICA adjustable zipper.

In 1990, it was Krona putting the market on the market counterframe for sliding doors, later perfecting for plaster, plasterboard.

In the 90s the company also landed in Spain, where it soon became an industry leader.

A wide range of concealed door hinges

A wide range of concealed hinges for doors and furniture by Krona Koblenz, offering 35 models for various applications and characterized by high performance.

Find the hinge model for doors or furniture that best suits your needs: just select from the filter below. Choose based on the door weight, door usage, and/or the certification that interests you.

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Door hinges: Concealed and adjustable hinges

Concealed hinges for doors and furniture, precisely because they are hidden when installed, allow for elegant and high-quality solutions, ensuring excellent functionality due to the materials used and their ability to be adjusted in all three dimensions for a perfect installation over time. The extensive catalog of invisible hinges also allows you to find the ideal solution for any design need.


With 13 different finishes, concealed door hinges become design elements that align with refined environments where attention to detail is essential.


Perfectly invisible, these hinges eliminate their aesthetic impact, enhancing the lines of the door.


Krona Koblenz hinges are tested through rigorous tests that provide the product with a certification of full compliance with the highest performance parameters. The certifications provided by Krona Koblenz are obtained according to the most important standards that regulate construction products. Based on performance and production processes, Krona Koblenz products have obtained certifications for: Fire Resistance, Functional Durability, Corrosion Resistance, CE, and EPD.


Quickly achieve the correct door position with the new installation instructions and milling diagrams.


All hinges are adjustable in three dimensions: height, depth, and width. These adjustments are always independent and, depending on the models, can also be assisted and self-supporting.

Load Capacity

Excellent performance with load capacities up to 200 kg, thanks to the use of suitable materials and cutting-edge technology.

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