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An Austrian leading company in the casement windows industry, producing approximately 30 million windows worldwide.

Maico is a window manufacturer with its headquarters in Salzburg. Specifically, Maico is the Italian branch of the international MACO Group, which essentially pioneered the concept of casement windows and successfully exported it to Italy as well.

Thanks to high-quality components and the adoption of perimeter hardware, with Maico mechanisms, there are various ways to "open" your window: casement, single leaf, or secure micro-ventilation.

Maico Hardware: Its History

A pioneer in promoting casement systems in the Italian territory, Maico is undoubtedly the company that has invested the most in innovation and the safety of perimeter hardware.

The first in the world to address one of the most common issues affecting windows and fixtures, namely corrosion. Maico, before others, understood that it's not enough to use high-quality materials; they must be adequately protected from the weather elements that can inevitably cause deterioration.

The company offers a total of 8 different surface treatments, the most famous and innovative being MAICO Tricoat, designed to resist all those elements that can lead to corrosion or micro-corrosion effects. The innovation of MAICO TRICOAT hardware lies in the fact that an additional organic layer "Top Coat" (cathodic dip coating + painting) is applied to all components with a silver finish, on a surface treated with electrolytic galvanization. This gives the hardware a high resistance to any type of corrosion.

In this way, it lasts much longer than any other hardware treated with only the standard galvanization process.

Maico is synonymous with quality and guarantee

Attention to detail and excellent production control in all its phases. MAico products are made in Austria under strict quality standards.

All components are tested and verified multiple times and must pass stringent quality checks.

Furthermore, thanks to the Tricoat treatment, Maico can guarantee its products for 15 years. The Tricoat treatment makes the hardware impervious to rust and other atmospheric agents such as saltwater and persistent humidity.

Thanks to its technology, Maico products are more durable and secure.

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