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Il Forgiato born 20 years ago, is a leader in the creation of handles, knockers, daggers, straps, bolts, hinges and other accessories, with the shapes and methods of manual manufacturing of the past, starting from wrought iron to the forge.

Aging is achieved by means of a particular completely natural process, which does not use colored paints or products based on colored waxes, such as the renowned Rust finish.

The end result is therefore a product that is completely similar to that of a truly ancient piece.

Il Forgiato: Wrought Iron Between Modernity and Tradition

The Perugian company has been in the market for over 20 years and is a reference point for those looking to add a special touch to their spaces. Whether it's vintage, classic, or antique interior design, Il Forgiato products will meet any need, from simple wrought iron handles for interiors to antique door and gate hinges.

The secret of the Umbrian company lies in maintaining the ancient and traditional wrought iron craftsmanship, integrating it with modern and streamlined production processes. This not only speeds up the labor but also allows for the creation of products that visually resemble those of the past.

The highlight of Il Forgiato is its renowned "Ruggine" finish, born from extensive research and testing. It is a truly unique process that has improved and continues to improve year after year, allowing for the natural aging of iron without the use of harmful products or paints.

The result faithfully reproduces the appearance of a genuine antique piece.

All the Finishes of Il Forgiato

We have just mentioned one of the most requested finishes, the "Natural Rust," but the catalog of the Perugian company is extensive, and for several years, other finishes have been introduced to meet different tastes and customer needs.

We are talking about the "Antique Silver" finish, a craftsmanship with surprising results that evokes glorious ages of the past. An elegant, aged silver that adds character and personality to any environment.

In addition to this, there are two more finishes: "Antique Gold" and "Italian Black." While it's easy to imagine the beauty of antique gold, handles, and other accessories that exude the aura of a shining past, it's a different story for the "Italian Black" finish.

This finish is truly special, not only for the craftsmanship and the final result but also for the study and research that went into creating it. Several years before it was introduced in 2015 with something never before seen in the industry, it's a matte black that catches the eye, with anti-corrosion properties and a unique aging process in the world.

For Il Forgiato, there is only one goal: to reproduce what was already beautiful and unique in the past.

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