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The website alfaferramentashop.it uses cookies and/or similar technologies to ensure that the procedures work properly and a better experience in the use of online applications.

On this page we provide detailed information on the use of cookies and similar technologies, how they are used by alfaferramentashop.it and how to manage them, in accordance with recent Italian and European legislation on the obligations of information and protection of website users.



Cookies are short text strings (letters and/or numbers) that allow the web server to store information on the client (the browser) to be reused during the same visit to the site (session cookies) or later, even after days (cookies persistent).

Cookies are stored, according to the user's preferences, by the individual browser on the specific device used (computer, tablet, smartphone).


Similar technologies, such as web beacons, transparent GIFs, and all forms of local storage introduced with HTML5, can be used to collect information about user behavior and service usage.


In the following document we will refer to cookies and all similar technologies using simply the term "cookies".


Types of cookies used

The use of cookies by Alfa SRL, based in law via R. Wenner 65 - 84131 Salerno, owner of this site, is part of the Privacy Policy of the same, available on this page.


Technical cookies

This site uses the following technical cookies:

Navigation or session cookies: these are cookies necessary to ensure normal site navigation, including – for example – authentication cookies, and these are for most session cookies.

Feature cookies: these are cookies that allow us to store your preferences (e.g. in reportslanguage, currency, products and services purchased online) and thus ensure that you are browsing according to the criteria you select and that you are getting better and better use of the services you provide. In most cases these are cookies that have a maximum duration of 30 days.

Analytical cookies: these are cookies used by this site to collect information, in aggregate, about the number of users and how they visit the site itself, for purely statistical purposes.

All technical cookies do not require your prior consent for their use, so they are installed automatically as a result of access to the site and are not used for further purposes.


Third-party cookies

By visiting our website you may receive cookies from sites and services managed by other organizations, referred to as "third parties".


Below are the cookies used by the site.


Google Analytics

The site also includes components transmitted by Google Analytics, a web traffic analytics service provided by Google, Inc. ("Google"). Again these are third-party cookies collected and managed anonymously to monitor and improve the performance of the guest site (performance cookie).


In this Site the Google Analytics cookie has been anonymized in order to equate it with technical cookies. With the use of Google Analytics cookies with anonymized IP, information is collected by Google Analytics in aggregate.


For more information, please refer to the link below: https://www.google.it/policies/privacy/partners/


The user can selectively disable the Google Analytics action by installing the google-provided opt-out component on their browser.

To disable the Google Analytics action, please refer to the link below: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout



Videos on YouTube can be embedded on the site.

These videos, herethey set third-party cookies on your computer or mobile device, belonging to the YouTube domain, in order to improve video playback capabilities and collect information anonymously on videos viewed by the user.

The purpose of these cookies is described in Google's privacy policy: www.google.it/intl/it/policies/privacy


Cookie duration

Some cookies (session cookies) remain active only until the browser is closed or the logout command is run.

Other cookies "survive" when the browser is closed and are also available on subsequent visits by the user.

These cookies are said to be persistent and their duration is set by the server at the time of their creation.

In some cases a deadline is set, in other cases the duration is unlimited.

However, by browsing the pages of this website, you can interact with third-party-managed sites that can create or modify permanent cookies and profiling.


Managing cookies

The user can decide whether or not to accept cookies using the settings of their browser.

Warning: Full or partial disabling of technical cookies can compromise the use of site features reserved for registered users.

On the contrary, the usability of public content is also possible by completely disabling cookies.

Disabling "third-party" cookies does not in any way affect navigability.

The setting can be defined specifically for different websites and web applications. In addition, the best browsers allow you to define different settings for "owner" and "third-party" cookies.

As an example, in Firefox, through the menu Tools->Options ->Privacy, you can access a control panel where you can define whether or not to accept the different types of cookies and proceed with their removal.

Here are the links, for each type of browwhere you can define and/or change the settings on cookies:

Chrome: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95647?hl=it

Firefox: https://support.mozilla.org/it/kb/Gestione%20dei%20cookie

Internet Explorer: http://windows.microsoft.com/it-it/windows7/how-to-manage-cookies-in-internet-explorer-9

Work: http://help.opera.com/Windows/10.00/it/cookies.html

Safari: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1677?viewlocale=it_IT


Updating the policy

The website http://www.alfaferramentashop.it will keep this information constantly updated, indicating the date of publication of the latest version of it.

Last updated: October 2018

This page is visible, via links at the bottom of all pages of the Site under art. 122 second paragraph of D.lgs. 196/2003 and as a result of the simplified manner for disclosure and acquisition of consent for the use of cookies published in the Official Journal No.126 of 3 June 2014 and related register of measures No.229 of 8 May 2014.

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