Amsterdam E0400/FR-408 Stainless Steel Window...
Amsterdam E0400/FR-408 Stainless Steel Window...
Amsterdam E0400/FR-408 Stainless Steel Window...
Amsterdam E0400/FR-408 Stainless Steel Window...
Amsterdam E0400/FR-408 Stainless Steel Window Handle with SecuSignal Hoppe
Amsterdam E0400/FR-408 Stainless Steel Window Handle with SecuSignal Hoppe
Amsterdam E0400/FR-408 Stainless Steel Window Handle with SecuSignal Hoppe
Amsterdam E0400/FR-408 Stainless Steel Window Handle with SecuSignal Hoppe

Amsterdam E0400/FR-408 Stainless Steel Window Handle with SecuSignal Hoppe


Window Handle DK HOPPE Amsterdam E0400/FR-408 in steel with  with transmitter SecuSignal®, Secustik® and VarioFit®.

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Window Handle Hoppe Amsterdam E0400/FR-408 . 

Stainless Steel Window Handle SecuSignal®, Secustik® and VarioFit®.

It ranks among the Handles For Modern Windows.

Contents of the package:

DK Window Handle

threaded screws

Technical specifications:

Shot: 90 degrees

Cover: Full cover plate

Underconstruction: resin, pins

Picture: HOPPE full picture, thanks to a compression spring applied to the framework inside, covers a depth varying up to 10 mm

Fixing: screw covers, M5 threaded screws

Special features: built-in basic safety, radio transmitter, no batteries/wires for transmitting the position of the hammer (open/inverted/closed)

Our Amsterdam Secustik® window handles contain a jamming-device which provides integrated security. This makes it more difficult to move the window fitting unlawfully from outside. It works by a coupling element acting as a sort of mechanical diode. This allows for normal use of the window handle from inside, but jams the handle if anyone tries to turn it from outside by way of the fitting.

As the handle is turned through 180 degrees from the closed position to the tilt position, the jamming-device makes a series of clicks – proof of the built-in security you can hear.


There are many different profile systems available for aluminium, wood and PVC windows, and this stems in no small part from energy saving requirements and safety concerns, as well as design considerations. What is more, these systems also require compatible spindle lengths.

It follows that a range of window handles with different spindle lengths must be held in stock. This is inconvenient and leads to considerable additional logistical and administrative costs.

A single window handle for a range of window profiles. With VarioFit® for window handles, you'll always have the right spindle length for a variety of window profiles already in stock.

This is because the length of the adjustable spindle in the window handle adapts to the depth of the individual window profile, which is enabled by means of a pressure spring fitted on the spindle in the inside of the window handle. Thanks to the spring mechanism, the spindle is pressed smoothly into the square recess of the gear follower, ensuring a perfect fit.

The integrated Secustik® technology makes it difficult to twist the spindle and, consequently, move the window fitting from outside.

Compared to the current window handles with fixed spindle lengths, the Secustik® Amsterdam window handle with VarioFit® reduces the number of variants considerably. The associated cost saving potential from the reduction in complexity is clear to see. It goes without saying that the new Secustik® window handle with VarioFit® is tested to RAL, and HOPPE has extended its 10-year operational guarantee on mechanical function to it, too. 

Secustik® window handle with VarioFit®. Projecting spindle length 32 mm:

Secustik® window handle with VarioFit. Projecting spindle length 32 mm

Secustik® window handle with VarioFit®. Projecting spindle length 42 mm:

Secustik® window handle with with VarioFit. Projecting spindle length 42 mm

Overview of the special features:

•Flexible use on windows with various profile cross sections thanks to pressure spring integrated into the handle neck

•Patented smooth adjustment to the depth of the individual window profile

•Length adjustable up to 10 mm

•Also available with lockable window handles

•Window handle contains lock mechanism that uses tried-and-tested Secustik® technology

•Great potential for savings on storage and logistical costs

•10-year operational guarantee on mechanical function

•Brand quality, tested to RAL 

HOPPE Amsterdam SecuSignal® window handles with wireless communication can be used as convenience components in a smart home system. As such, they transmit a wireless signal to a central control unit when they are turned. This can improve the process of automatically controlled heating, lighting, shading, etc.

The benefits at a glance:

-Battery-free communication thanks to EnOcean technology

-Easy integration into smart home systems

-Highly reliable transmission

-Quick and easy retrofitting thanks to VarioFit® (spindle length 32-42 mm)

-Basic protection against break-ins with integrated Secustik® technology

It is important in a smart home system that all the sensors and controls can communicate with each other. HOPPE SecuSignal® window handles with wireless communication work with the EnOcean radio standard. Not only does this ensure smooth communication, it also has another advantage: the EnOcean radio technology works without the need for any batteries! So the chore of changing batteries is a thing of the past: the information is transmitted maintenance-free, reliably and with no electromagnetic pollution. It can be integrated into all smart home systems that are compatible with EnOcean.

Operating a Amsterdam SecuSignal® window handle with wireless communication is remarkably easy and takes just a few minutes: first the handle is set – this works differently for each system but it is described in great detail by the respective manufacturer. In principle, the SecuSignal® window handle is registered, detected, then integrated into the system as one of many other components. If a SecuSignal® window handle is turned to the opening or tilted position, electrical energy is generated which is used to transmit a radio signal – to an EnOcean-compatible receiver that can process the information. A circuit board is integrated into the rosette of the handle to this end, along with a small antenna, which acts as a transmitter. If integrated into a smart home system, the signal can give information that may play a major role in improving automated processes, such as:

-Should the light be switched on when windows are still open and mosquitoes are hovering outside?

-Can automatic shading begin while windows are tilted?

-Does it make sense to allow the air conditioning to start up while the windows are open?

-Would it be better to turn the heating off while airing rooms in the morning?

-Does the volume of consumer electronics need to be reduced while the windows are open?



Hoppe, the world-leading brand in the field of handles for interior doors, windows, and fixtures accessories. A very extensive product catalog at truly attractive prices. Hoppe offers solutions for every environment, handles for interior doors, handles for entry doors, window handles, various fixtures and fittings, and even solutions for security doors.

As authorized retailers, we can provide all the products from the Swiss company at an affordable cost to everyone. The quality of Hoppe handles is always available and just a few clicks away, with super-fast deliveries right to your doorstep.

Handles with Passion

Behind every single Hoppe handle lies passion, attention to detail, and the quality of materials, as well as a company that respects its employees and social and eco-friendly dynamics. Hoppe, in fact, is a company with strong ethical values, still led at a family level, preserving the founder's vision that remains the company's mission to this day: Sustainability, whether it's financial, ecological, or social, is the guiding thread of the entire business activity.

Hoppe is currently a leader in the field of door handles and the absolute specialist in decorative and functional handles. On this page, you'll find the complete Hoppe catalog to tastefully and stylishly complete the interiors of your home, providing an exclusive design that endures over time thanks to the quality of materials used.

But Hoppe is also about innovation and research, as evidenced by its SecuSan system. A unique worldwide patent that makes Hoppe Secusan handles the safest on the market for our health. Thanks to their antibacterial and antimicrobial surface that utilizes silver ions, SecuSan prevents the proliferation of harmful pathogens, ensuring our health and safety.

Hoppe: Handles for Doors and Windows that Truly Beautify Your Home

Hoppe's interior door handles are probably the most renowned in the world. This is because they manage to combine extraordinary variety and quality of materials with a unique design that enhances our doors. That's why the company slogan reads, "Hoppe, the handle that Decorates."

This is the goal of the Swiss company; handles should complete the décor of a space, they should add value to the interior doors of our home, and harmonize the style with which we have chosen to furnish a room.

Hoppe handles for interior doors aim to go beyond being a simple accessory that is installed on doors; they want to be an integral part of your home's design, adding personality and value to your furnishings. It's no coincidence that some Hoppe window handles are directly recommended, if not installed, by fixtures retailers of major brands.

Our website has been specializing in the online sale of door accessories for years, with a particular focus on selling Hoppe handles online. In this section, you will find the complete Hoppe handle catalog, including:

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