Stockholm 1140/42H/42HKVS Handle sets for...

Stockholm 1140/42H/42HKVS Handle sets for interior doors Hoppe


Stockholm 1140/42H/42HKVS Handle sets for interior doors Hoppe

Key Hole

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Stockholm 1140/42H/42HKVS Handle sets for interior doors Hoppe

Aluminum handle ranks among the modern handles.

Contents of the package:

1 pair of handles

2 key vents

1 piece framework pin 8 mm

1 pack panel screws

Technical specifications:

Certified according to DIN EN 1906: 47-0150A and PIVCERTPlus (1,000,000

cycles), seal ingest for public buildings

Guide: fixed/rotating handles, recall springs, interlocking fastening

HOPPE-Sertos® with ball stop, maintenance-free driving rings

Version: full HOPPE profile framework, hardened

Underconstruction: steel rosettes, resin vents, pins

Fixing: screw cover, passer-by; rosettes with M5 threaded screws; screws

multipurpose, bidirectional 

Handles with the Stockholm Sertos® ball locking mechanism are not only easily installed, they are also just as easily removed.


•Newly designed ball locking mechanism in the handle connection

•Exceedingly durable as certified by PIVCERTPlus test 

•Easy to install in just a few steps

•Easy to remove without any special tools

•Integrated spring cassette

•Also available with SecuSan®

•Extensive range of products

•10-year operational guarantee

A ball locking mechanism developed and manufactured by HOPPE allows the connection to be easily fitted and removed without the need for special tools or loss of necessary stability.

Thanks to the new ball locking mechanism, handles with the Stockholm Sertos® clip-in connection are not only easy to install, but can also be quickly removed from the door without the need for special tools.


1.Loosen and remove the grub screw and unclip the roses

2.Press the removal spot to release the ball locking mechanism (use a hex key or a simple screwdriver)

3.Remove the handles (possibly by making slight shaking movements)

Sertos® clip-in connections with ball locking mechanism for commercial buildings are extremely durable. They are designed to withstand the strain of at least 1,000,000 operations without any functional impairment. This has been certified by the PIVCERTPlus test (DIN EN 1906 plus additional requirements) carried out by the Velbert testing institute on interior door sets from category of use grade 4 as well as sets for fire doors, smoke doors and emergency exit doors.

Handle sets for interior doors featuring Sertos® clip-in connections with ball locking mechanism are also available with our SecuSan®-surface. SecuSan® immediately suppresses microbial growth on a lasting basis. This provides active protection in the very places where it is urgently required – for instance in clinics or schools as well as in industry or leisure facilities. SecuSan® is entirely maintenance-free and designed for long service life in public and commercial buildings.



Hoppe, the world-leading brand in the field of handles for interior doors, windows, and fixtures accessories. A very extensive product catalog at truly attractive prices. Hoppe offers solutions for every environment, handles for interior doors, handles for entry doors, window handles, various fixtures and fittings, and even solutions for security doors.

As authorized retailers, we can provide all the products from the Swiss company at an affordable cost to everyone. The quality of Hoppe handles is always available and just a few clicks away, with super-fast deliveries right to your doorstep.

Handles with Passion

Behind every single Hoppe handle lies passion, attention to detail, and the quality of materials, as well as a company that respects its employees and social and eco-friendly dynamics. Hoppe, in fact, is a company with strong ethical values, still led at a family level, preserving the founder's vision that remains the company's mission to this day: Sustainability, whether it's financial, ecological, or social, is the guiding thread of the entire business activity.

Hoppe is currently a leader in the field of door handles and the absolute specialist in decorative and functional handles. On this page, you'll find the complete Hoppe catalog to tastefully and stylishly complete the interiors of your home, providing an exclusive design that endures over time thanks to the quality of materials used.

But Hoppe is also about innovation and research, as evidenced by its SecuSan system. A unique worldwide patent that makes Hoppe Secusan handles the safest on the market for our health. Thanks to their antibacterial and antimicrobial surface that utilizes silver ions, SecuSan prevents the proliferation of harmful pathogens, ensuring our health and safety.

Hoppe: Handles for Doors and Windows that Truly Beautify Your Home

Hoppe's interior door handles are probably the most renowned in the world. This is because they manage to combine extraordinary variety and quality of materials with a unique design that enhances our doors. That's why the company slogan reads, "Hoppe, the handle that Decorates."

This is the goal of the Swiss company; handles should complete the décor of a space, they should add value to the interior doors of our home, and harmonize the style with which we have chosen to furnish a room.

Hoppe handles for interior doors aim to go beyond being a simple accessory that is installed on doors; they want to be an integral part of your home's design, adding personality and value to your furnishings. It's no coincidence that some Hoppe window handles are directly recommended, if not installed, by fixtures retailers of major brands.

Our website has been specializing in the online sale of door accessories for years, with a particular focus on selling Hoppe handles online. In this section, you will find the complete Hoppe handle catalog, including:

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